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    In 2008 Kalie was 9, Austin 6, and Colton 4, we decided they were old enough to start showing cattle. So we purchased a couple of steers and the kids showed them and did well and they were hooked. We decided since the kids were small we wanted cattle that were docile so we started looking at Herefords. Come to find out the largest Polled Hereford Breeder in Missouri Journagan Ranch was only about 3 hours from us so we called Marty Lueck and he invited us to come and take a look at their cattle he spent several hours talking to us and showing us their operation we liked what we saw, excellent udders, outstanding herd sires, quality cattle doing well on fescue pasture. We went to their sale in October 2009 and purchased 6 heifers and the rest is history. Our Registered herd has grown from 6 heifers to 70 females. We have had 2 droughts in recent years, and our hereford cattle did excellent on corn stalks and protein. We knew they could take the cold but weren't sure about the heat and drought conditions but they can handle them too. There is something to be said for fleshing ability it's one thing for a show heifer to be easy fleshing when she's getting plenty of good quality feed but it's the real deal when a purebred cow can hold her body condition, raise a good calf, and breed back on low quality forage. These cattle have impressed us and they will do the same for you. We offer cattle for sale private treaty and visitors are always welcome.