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All of our Beef is American born, raised and processed. The beef you will be purchasing are Hereford and Hereford Cross and are 14-16 months old when they are harvested. They are fed Corn and Rye silage that we raise ourselves, mixed with hominy and distillers grain. They are given NO HORMONES. Steers are kept in large runs or pastures where they are free to run and graze, they drink fresh well water, and are NEVER confined to a feedlot.

The average weight of our beef calves are 1,000 pounds. Price per pound is $1.50. That is $1,500 for a whole beef delivered to the processor. Processing for a whole beef is $375-$400. So the estimated cost for a whole beef processed is $1900. You can expect about 420-450 pounds of meat from a whole beef. So your cost per pound is about $4.50 that includes steaks, roast, round steak, and burger. This is a HUGE saving compared to grocery store prices on fresh beef. These figures are all based on a 1,000 pound steer, so prices will vary. Everything is done by weight so you get what you pay for.  

Our cattle have been bred for carcass quality and yield. Our steer consistently dress 60-64%, this is a huge factor in determining how much meat you will get from a beef steer. For years we have selected bulls based on better marbling traits and bigger Ribeye area. All steers and NOT created equal, genetics and herd health are top priority on our farm, so fill your freezer with confidence.  

The biggest advantage in buying local beef is that you know where your beef comes from, 90% of the meat in the supermarket does NOT tell where it was born, raised, and processed and even if the package does say that it is a product of the USA, that may not be accurate. Also there will be nothing added to your beef, it will be 100% BEEF, no water, no preservatives, and no pink slime.

We sell whole or 1/2 a beef by live weight. After we deliver your beef to the processor we will let you know the exact amount when

we get the weight at drop off. You will then mail a check to Seagraves Farms 2047 Hwy 93 Pocahontas, AR 72455.

That is for the beef and you will pay for the processing in 2-4 weeks when you pick up your beef.

Our local processor will call you after we deliver the beef to see how you would like everything packaged and what cuts you prefer. They will also allow the beef to hang for up to 21 days if you would like. Processing takes 2-4 weeks.

We also sell beef quarters. The quarters are a set price of $500 plus processing which runs about $100. A quarter will get you approximately

100 pounds of beef. So your cost per pound will be around $6 per pound. Quarters will include Sirloin steak, T Bone and Porterhouse Steak,

Bone in Ribeye Steak, Tenderized Round steak and Sirloin Tip Steak, Rump Roast, Chuck Roast, Arm Roast, and Pikes Peak Roast, Brisket,

Ground Beef 80/20 in 1 lb packages and organs available upon request. Payment for Quarters will be up front, due the week prior to processing and

you will pay for the processing when you pick up your beef. We always allow our beef to hang up to 21 days for the best possible steaks. Processing on quarters takes 2-4 weeks.

Our local processor will call you after we deliver the beef to see how you would like everything packaged and what cuts you prefer. They will also allow the beef to hang for up to 21 days if you would like. Processing takes 2-4 weeks.

The next available appointments I have are for December 2020 appointments at Von Allmen,

and February 2, 2021 at Ozark Meats.

If you are interested please let me know ASAP. Appointments are filling up fast.



ANITA 870-892-0190 OR TEXT 870-378-2101



Processors we use are Von Allmen in Koshkonong, Mo. (417-867-5565) Pick up Tuesday-Friday 8-5

They take cash or checks ONLY. No credit or debit cards. They wrap in plastic and freezer paper.

Ozark meats in Grandin, Mo. (573-593-4199) Pick up Monday-Friday 8-6 and Sat. 10-2. They vacuum pack.

Thank you for your interest in our American raised beef. When you buy from local farmers and ranchers, you help support American agriculture and American families, and you also help to ensure that there will always be a safe affordable American Food supply. If the American family farm dies, the American consumer will be left at the mercy of other countries to provide them with food, that is something that NEVER needs to happen. We appreciate you and GOD BLESS!